Just a Text Post…..

So. my awesome friends Laynie Link and Teagan Blackthorne have this little blog called “Savior Hair” which reviews hairstyles, and highlights up and coming stylists.

The other day, Ms. Blackthorne sent me this URL:


Hmm. What’s this?! They’ve chosen highlight some fur friendly styles?!

Yes, I know. These women are SL fashion goddesses.

And incase you’re wondering about my hair… It’s the Gurl 6 Hair in Rocky II. I have the light blonde ones, as they’re the best for color changing.


What’s There to Lament?!

I had the pleasure of finally arranging a sit-down with the very busy Raven Lament of RAVENWEAR, just prior to the reopening of her redesigned sim, which offers far more than the usual shopping fare. She informs me that there is a hospital, church, morgue, factory, and more to explore (and if you’re into that sorta thing; shoot some neat SL photos!)

Evangeline Schism: So, let’s talk about Ravenwear. How long have you been designing, first off?
Raven Lament:If you can imagine, since April 2004!

ESchism: Wow! That’s insane! You must be one of the most longstanding brands in secondlife then!
RLament: Yeah I actually can remember a time before prim shoes

ESchism: *chuckles* Scary.
Raven Lament: Ohh it was and all [on the grid] had linden skins! :O

ESchism: *cringe* So, what started your design empire?
RLament: Well I am an artist by nature real life; I paint, draw, sculpt and do photography so it just fit. I started out making eyes to begin with then worked up to clothing.

ESchism: Do you make the sorts of clothes that you wear in real life?
RLament: Some yes-but I have to admit real life I definitely have more of a punky feel to my wardrobe than the goth, but I do like both very much. It is really just a mix match of my moods. I will go through periods of doing alot of goth, then go to punk and then even urbanish.

ESchism: A  number of people in the bdsm community that I know in SL, shop at your store.

Raven Lament: I do like to make sexy outfits as well as more casual. I call myself eclectic. I am a true believer of self expression and mixing and matching things up.

ESchism: I have a fair share of your latex.

RLament: Yeah latex is hot!

ESchism: Your new sim redesign looks incredible!
RLament: Thank you so much! I really wanted to get back to my roots with this redesign. I have always been a fan of industrial areas and the lines they have. I do alot of photography in RL of industrial areas, even though I have to say I am not a fan of what they do to the environment.

ESchism: Let’s talk about the furry standups that were in your last store…[Sidenote: The standups are actually Raven herself! What a truly fur friendly designer!]
RLament: Yes they will be making there way back into this one. I havent had time to get it all out yet as I have been dealing with evil rental boxes and parceling. I definitely still support the furry and neko communities they keep SL more interesting.

ESchism: Let’s talk about furries in fashion! Did you know that my blog has a link to yours under “Fur Friendly Designers?”
RLament: Ahh thanks so much! I am glad to know that the furry community appreciates my shop. I have to admit I was shocked to be nominated in the MFA for best furry designer, I was so flattered!

ESchism: Well you’re one of the most ballsy popular designers around… running a contest for a furry model, is bold.

RLament: I also have furry models in my modeling group as well and this was prior to the contest. I feel that the runway is meant for individuality not to show the same look over and over. One of the things about furries that I admire, is that they make their avs really their own.

ESchism: Tell us about your redisigned sim’s grand opening.
RLament: We will have a 2 hour grand opening event Saturday afternoon 3-5pm SLT. It will feature a DJ, trivia contest with prizes and a raffle ball. Also the new photography studio that is on the island will be having a grand opening as well to coincide with the event.

Group Gift?!

For those who dont know, there is actually a Fashion Fox Paws Update group.  JOIN IT! It’s nutritious and delicious! And… presents happen from it. I made a shirt, the Robin Sojourner tee template. Its the “Fur is beautiful” one I wanted to make. I’m too lazy to take a pic. So, join the group, or harass Evangeline Schism in world for a shirt.

That is all.

Devilish Cupcake + Ducknipple=???

So, yesterday(EDIT: A WHILE AGO…. before my internets died AGAIN), I was organizing my inventory into nice little pre-made outfit folders. I was having a pretty good time with that, until i realized that most of what I was putting together was the same plaid skirt from WRONG with random little dollarbie tee shirts (I’m such a feind for tee shirts IRL anyway…) Sure it looked cute!


I was tired of the same old skirts! I had a blue xmas gift skirt from Bounce, so I headed to a store they had in the Pull’d Vagan sim. Upon my arrival there, I discovered a box with free (drivable) junker looking dystopian busses and whatnots! So, I took a Mack truck around for a spin, with my passanger Abby Coalcliff(of Devilish Cupcakes). It was after I parked the school bus in a nearby store, that we found (and fell in love with) Ducknipple.

After about 5 minutes we were in the mainstore, and that, my pretties… is where the pictures begin.

Fox in box minus the socks. (Wearing the Ducknipple pawprint dress. It only comes in
purple at this point.)

I wandered the sim and found some abandoned buildings to do an impromptu photo shoot in!(Wearing the Ducknipple Space Invaders dress)

If you see me driving around in this bus, stop me and hop on board. It’ll be the most entertaining thing you’ll ever do in SL. If it isnt… then this skirt will be. (Wearing the Ducknipple WEENER dress bottom only. Tee….I honestly couldnt tell you where it’s from. If anyone knows, and can let me know, I’ll credit! ^_^)

It is now, with great honor that we showcase the work of my friend and guest model…. Abby Coalcliff! (On Abby: Nautical Shirt and Yellow Megan Corderois pants by Devilish Cupcake, Telletubby belt by Ducknipple. On Eva: Yellow Beverly Corset By Devilish Cupcake, Skully Dress(Bottom only) by Ducknipple .)

Abby tended to go for more Ducknipple accessories, while I bought most of the clothes I deemed Geek Chic enough to spend my lindens on. Here she’s holding a leek. It wiggles, and sings. I think there’s a silent version as well. I still dont know why she bought it. (On Abby: Grumpy Tank, Pink Megan Corderois Shorts, by Devilish Cupcake On Eva: Space Invaders (Green) Underwear set by Ducknipple )

I had Abby kick it oldskool with me for this last shot. It was for the walkman (yellow, on her hip…) that she got at Ducknipple. It plays music too. She’s wearing some stuff from her Roller Disco/80’s inspired line. It’s a “16 Candles” shirt! How cute!? (On Abby: 16 Candles tank, Spandex Leggings, Legwarmers by Devilish Cupcake. Scripted Walkman Belt by Ducknipple On Eva: Rainbow Roller Disco Halter by Devilish Cupcake, Paw Print Dress(Bottom only) by Ducknipple.)

Quickie post!

Some of you who know me in world, know that my wireless is unstable.  Thus, I do not blog all the time. And I kinda need some help.  Please note the updated list of the Fur Friendly Designers.

If there are any friends of more fur friendly designers…etc, who would like to be blogged, or perhaps you know of a fur friendly designer who makes furry specific mainstream human items (I mean like… digigrade footwears or such… I’d love to have some awesome thigh high boots with paw shaped feet… or even knee high digigrade boots!!) that we here at Fashion Fox Paws dont know of… let us know!

 Models! I’m a member of the Furry Model group… but honestly… was not impressed by the people I’ve met in that group.  So, if you’d like to model for FFP, please drop me a line or a notecard in game.

Writers! If you would like to write for FFP, gimmie a sample post in an ingame notecard, and we’ll most certainly talk.

Linkers! Anyone who wants to link their blogs to mine, and do a little link trade… hook a sister up!  Also, if you feel that you’re a neglected Fur Friendly Designer, SPEAK UP!! My mission with FFP is to get furries to be a mainstay in mainstream fashion.  I like to think of myself as a fashion activist.  And no, I’m not above kicking some ass to get us in the limelight!

So, this concludes a really odd post.  Also, if you’re a designer, who’d like to help do some tee-shirts with me… let’s talk. I’d like to get a small line of Fashion Fox Paws tees out in the next month. (Mostly tees with a furry fashion/activist statement.)

Furries Galore!!!

So, I seriously need to update the furry friendly designer list.

As some of you may know from reading the comments on the last post… Cherlindrea Lamont (also known as Fab CHERLINDREA of Fabfree -SHE KNOWS WHO I AM!!! XD-) wanted me to let my readers know about this Ravenwear Photo contest, for FURRIES AND NEKOS especially!!!

Now that I’ve demonstrated my failure at the link command, I need to remember to put Ravenwear on my fur friendly designers list… and also Teagan Blackthorne of Style Your Destiny!Ladies and gentlemen, dogs and cats, otters and bears, foxes and bunnies, we need to salute Ms. Blackthorne!

Why, you might ask?

Teagan Blackthorne went through her entire collection and made all of her skirts and dressed furry friendly. She has now packaged every outfit with skirts that attatch to the stomach as well as the pelvis, to help us deal with the oddball attatchment point loss of tail.

She even sent me a re-done version of her Sheila fairy, to demonstrate the revamp of her collection!


In addition to making her skirts/dresses more wearable for all of us, she’s also put up a ton of $1L tees upstairs at the Granymr location she shares with Layniewear! These are great for fox and vixen alike! (Meaning males and females!!) To help demonstrate this, Stevie Cantrell models with me!


I spoke with Laynie Link as well, and she informed me that her collection would be on the way, with the two skirt treatment.

In other news, I’m a little late to announce that my dear friend Abby Coalcliff’s store Devilish Cupcake is having a 50% off sale! On, I beleive… Everything in the store! I wore her Rainbow Roller Disco Shirt in an earlier post.

My destiny is styled to be on hiatus?!

Hey kits!  I had 2 excellent blogs planned for this weekend. One to be posted yesterday… and the other either today or tomorrow. Unfortunatly, while shopping for BLOG #1’s little extras…. I had a problem. I crashed in the Style Your Destiny/Layniewear Store in the Granymyr sim. Funny thing, if you go there… you’ll see me standing there. Freaky, no?  I’m recieving IMS in my email, though I dont know if they’re complete. I cannot log in to that account.  Perhaps I’ll call LL when I get time.  So, keep your eyes peeled. I shall be blogging as soon as I can.

Where Bunnies, Nekos, and Vixens go to hunt.

This morning, I headed to the Casseopia Square for their Easter Event. I went to the St. Patty’s hunt, and was in love with the dollarbies. So, I arrived, finding much cooler things, and was even more thrilled to see the name Song4Amy Freenote, dangling above a person’s head. We began chatting, and within a moment, her SL wife, and business partner Saur Holt arrived. 5 minutes later, I had an interveiw going with the Fashion Geniuses behind “Passionate Neko” and “Bold Vixen”.

Song4Amy Halfnote and Saur Holt

Evangeline Schism: So, Saur… you own and run Passionate Nekos. Song, I’ve seen your name on the dollarbies… what exactly do you do?

Song4Amy Freenote: I design prim items for the store, while Saur can do wonderfull primwork, her passion is the clothes. Anything with Bold Vixen on the item is made by me.

ES: Ahh! Ok! So, how long have you guys been designing?

Saur Holt: I started 2 years ago with furry avs, I moved to my passion ,clothes ,skirts, dollies and more, about a year and a half ago. I am well known for my dollies.
Song4Amy Freenote: I have been designing for 3 months now. My baby Saur taught me the basics and I ran from there.
Saur Holt: My old furry store used to be called ‘Lil Saurs’.

Evangeline Schism nods. “Saur, your designs are very EGL inspired. Do you like any of the other designers out there?”

Saur Holt: What inspires me is my SL auntie and mentor Ravenlynn, anime,goth and nekos. My fav stores are LVs and Co., DK hair, Lost Creations, and Cake. I enjoy designing and making people happy, which have also kept me going.

ES: Song, what got you into designing?

Song4Amy Freenote: My main inspiration comes from anime, I try to do stuff that others havent. I love places like Little Heaven, Discord, Nadeshiko kimono designers, anything with a japanese flavour.

ES: Wow… I’ve never heard of any of those places!

Song4Amy Freenote: They are well worth a look.

ES: Saur, what kind of furry Avs did you make?

Saur Holt: I used to make pooks, bunnys,tigers, Roos and kittys. I enjoy making them but my true passion is clothing.

ES: Ahh… so the Pooka from St. Patt’s[Passionate Neko Dreams had a St. Patty’ Dollarbie hunt, much like their current easter one,] was sort of pulling an old rabbit out of a hat?

Saur Holt: My bunny AV is avaiable for the easter hunt. Pooka are an Irish folk tale so I thought it would make an awesome addtion for St. Pats.I made the bunny available just for Easter.


ES: So, are your Avatars still available for sale, year round anywhere?

Saur Holt: I am bringing them back out for sale cuz I do love them and it a shame to have them in my inventory. I spent 3 days this week making ‘lil bunny froo froo'[The 75L bunny Avatar with the yellow dollie dress, for sale in the Casseipiea sim.]

ES: Ever think of using furry models?

Saur Holt nods nods. “Ill be making a special dollie just for furries, being a fan of neko, furry and vamp, my goal is to make every group happy in SL, you can ask my baby[Song4Amy Freenote], I am a people person, and love to make my customers happy.
Song4Amy Freenote: She is a people person, we both are, we like people to be themselves, and feel able to explore that, thats why we both make such a range of items.

ES: Wow! That’s fantastic! I’m trying to get more designers to use furry models.

Saur Holt giggles. “I myself am a furry, neko and a vamp sometimes. I think you’ll be happy with the furry dollie when they’re released next month”
Evangeline Schism nods. “Please keep me updated on it! I’ll blog it!”

ES: May I make a suggestion though? Lots of different furry AV makers use different attatchment points for the tail which are ususally the places that prim skirts sit.

Saur Holt: *Nods* I know that well. *Giggles* I have over 75 Furry Avs.

ES: As a designer, could it hurt your business, to include 2 skirts that attatch to 2 different points?

Saur Holt: No it would not. Like I said I’ve been designing clothes for all most 2 years. One thing I find helpfull is to listen to the customer’s wants and needs. I was asked two months ago if I could make more layers for people with tats, so now my clothes come with different layers so people can wear their tats.
Song4Amy Freenote: Yeah gotta listen to the customer, cause they are your support as a designer.

ES: Pardon for asking, but you two are… lovers?

Song4Amy Freenote: yeah we are 🙂

ES: So each one of your joint designs is like one of your children!

Song4Amy Freenote: I like to think of it more like a symbol of how good we are together, like the latest design, I didnt see till after I did my bit, and they match perfectly, so it shows me are sooo in tune with each other.

ES: Awww! That is really amazing. The latest design, being what Saur is wearing now, right?

Song4Amy Freenote: yeah


ES: It really is amazing. Anything you’d like to tell the Furries of SL?

Song4Amy Freenote: Keep being yourself, SL is about exploring your identity, dont let anyone stop you from doing that!
Saur Holt: Yes anyones welcome at our store. Our aim is to make everyone in SL happy and welcome.

Shopping…for a good cause?!

My first year of highschool, my grandmother was diagnosed with breast cancer. That was earth shaking. I got involved in a lot of local breast cancer charities. I participated in some annually. I even did the real life Relay for Life once. (Relay for life, is when a team of people is formed, and pledges are made based on the amount of laps done, in the 24 hour relay.) Last year, on my dad’s birthday, his father passed away from lung cancer.

There is an annual one week long fashion fair to benefit The American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life. Over (I beleive) 60 designers get together over 4 sims, and people come to score great deals, discover new brands, and find some kickass limitied edition dresses. Oh yeah, and to give money to a great cause.

I wandered and wandered. I met some designers. I bought some exclusives. And here is what I have to show.


This great pink number is by Icing. It is called Pink Miss Hathaway, and it is a RFL exclusive. (Meaning it is only available this week, in the RFL clothing fair.) (My tail was attatched to my stomach for this entire shoot) From this piece alone, I can tell you that I will be going back to Icing many, many times. And this was one of the special items that the entire purchase price went to RFL.


This green dress (such a high fashion dress) comes to us from Digital Darkes. It’s their Goddess dress in Wasabi. It cost me only one dollar, and I dont know if any of the profit from this particular dress went to RFL, but it’s a great dress, and comes in many other colors.


This is my first purchase from Popfuzz. A store I will certainly frequent, now that I am aware of it’s existance! This is a set called Gothic Purple Fairy. Again, I dont know if any of the profit from this particular dress went to RFL, but it’s a great dress, and comes a black variety as well.


Oh, what a gown! This is the kind of dress that if you want it, ladies (and maybe some gentlemen!) you need to buy this right away. It’s available from Nymphetamine for the RFL only, and costs a whopping 500L. This dress will be available no other time. And it’s a lovely lavender and white combination, just like the RFL propaganda!


Last, but never, ever least… this is a little outfit I put together. The cupcake on my head, is made by Pink Rain. It’s mod, so you can make it bigger too, or change the colors. I’d been waiting for it for a while (I bought, back when SL was having issues,) and was so excited to see it in my inventory, that I had to put it on with this Devilish Cupcake top (Called Roller Rainbow)! DevilishCupcake is a brand to seriously look for. They’re at the RFL fair, and have some exclusive sets. Not to mention that they’re affordable and really different from anything out there. Can you tell I’m a fan?

Anyway, I paired the DC top with another exclusive item. Bare Rose (the super hip, MEGA STORE) put out a purple variant of their Blossom dress, with all the proceeds going to RFL. So, I bought it, decided that the top of the dress wasnt really me, and chopped it off, making one of the cutest skirts EVER. (The texturing on the fabric is really neat too.)

So, that concludes my RFL blog. It shouldnt be hard to find, search “Relay” in the SL event search, and be on your way. I know I bought more stuff, but I need to dig through my inventory for it. And people are friendly here too, just try to be low on prims. Maybe take everything off, just be a discolored human, and n00b-run through the entire 4 sims. (It’s oddly refreshing.)

…Like collars for your hips…

(I apologize in advance for the pics. I know they arent top notch. Gimmie time.)

Belts. MMMM….. like collars for your hips. In the past week I have come into some of the cutest belts EVER.

Let’s start off with the belt I actually paid for. It came with the Otaku set from Bare Rose. I love Bare Rose, because you will often find in their merchandise ads furry models. It attatches to the pelvis by default, and it comes with some other things (like the outfit… for one…) inspired by the anime punk harajuku street fashion of Japan. Oddly, it was one of the shirts in the set that inspired me to tint my locks blue, a color which you will learn, I dislike.

Otaku Boy

(I’m also wearing the WRONG pleated plaid skirt in green(prim skirt attatches to stomach), the socks and one of the tops from the Bare Rose “Otaku Boy Ally” set.)

It’s almost easter, and I gotta say, this has also provided me with another nifty belt. Lazy Places has made an easter egg hunt, with 7 dollarbies hidden in the entire sim. My favorites are the Peep Collar (shown in yellow) and the Bunneh Bait belt. The bunneh belt comes in two attatchment settings, one in pelvis, the other in stomach. One is mod, and the other isnt. The belt itself has little bags of goodies, such as peeps. I personally find this more than adorable, and think that it goes more than perfectly with the Style Your Destiny Peep underwear set.

Peep 1 Peep 2

Laynie Link is one of the neatest people I’ve ever met in SL, within 10 minutes of meeting her, she asked me to model for her. As a furry. She’s also given me so much encouragement in the feild of blogging. She’s also having a GREAT sale right now. 50% or more off everything that she’s made in her store! Why, do you ask, is she doing this? Well, Ms. Link had a computer mishap yesterday (while trying to set up a shoot with yours truly X3, ) and now needs fundage to buy a new compy for making cool stuffs for us to buy! (C’mon! Support designers who want to use furry models!)

I’m wearing the top to the “Audrey” dress in berry by Layniewear, under a green silk bustier by Rock Me Amadeus.

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